Brandon Baptist Tabernacle



Adullam was a fortified cave that David and his mighty men retreated to for safety and sabbaticals.  In I Samuel 23:10a we find that one visitor was so very embattled that, "He arose, and smote the Philistines until his hand was weary, and his hand clave unto the sword . . ."

Not being able to "let go" is one of the most dangerous realities of ministry.  Adullam is designed for preachers and/or their families to release for awhile and take advantage of all or some of the following resources that BBT offers:

  • Counselling - Dr. Bailey is often available to sit down with people who have overwhelming ministry needs and talk them through a solution.

  • Relaxation - visitors can find a place to rest and not be bothered by the day-today burdens of ministry.

  • Recreation - Brandon Florida is located near some of the state's most appealing tourist attractions.  Families are encouraged to take some time away and enjoy themselves together.

  • Confidentiality - your visit will be guarded and you can be reassured that you are in a protected environment.

  • Church - no expectations are laid on our visitors to do anything but enjoy the services and be fed from God's Word.

"I want to encourage you to visit our church and recharge.  I know first hand how taxing ministry can be.  Brandon Baptist Tabernacle has agreed to reach out to people just like you, and help you minimize the cost of some valuable time away.  Please, let us be a blessing to you, so that we can reap the rewards of serving others at the Judgment Seat of Christ!" - Dr. J. Brad Bailey, Pastor

Call our offices today and let us know how we can offer Adullam as a safe place for you: (813) 654-0836.