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    Toxic Traditions

    By Dr. J. Brad Bailey


    Sometimes transitioning rapidly from a microscope to a telescope can be quite disorienting. However, there are applications in which a microscope just will not apply. For decades, many churches have only viewed ministry microscopically. The failure and/or refusal of churches to take a telescopic look into the future will lead to certain failures. In Toxic Traditions, Dr. Brad Bailey makes an effort to realign the reader's focus and persuade people to evaluate their traditions telescopically and not microscopically. While some may view Toxic Traditions from a critical standpoint, what seems to be most obvious is that Dr. Bailey addresses relevant subjects from a thoroughly biblical perspective. There are no personal attacks or maligning remarks, but as you read, you will certainly recognize the great need for addressing each matter discussed in Toxic Traditions.  What strikes a nerve among readers will hopefully ring a chord in Heaven.