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  • Praying the Promises #007

    He is Lord of lords and King of kings (Rev. 17:14b)

    Many Americans are grieved over the outcome of the 2020 presidential election results.  As of yet, there are still uncertainties whether President Elect Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States.  It is a turbulent time in this country, to say the least.  It really dawned on me how divided our nation actually is when I saw a drawing recently of the way our country would look if states began to secede from the union and form their own countries.  Wow!  That seems unimaginable doesn’t it.

    There is, however, another perspective: God is in control!  In control of all of it?  Yes, God is in control of it all.  There are no details that He has been surprised by.  The kings and political leaders throughout history have been appointed by God and many of those same kings have been demoted by God.  Nebuchadnezzar, Herod the Great, the Caesars of Rome, Artaxerxes, Nero, Nabonidus and Titus Vespasian all come to mind.  God raised them and disposed of them according to His good pleasure.

    It does not serve the reputation of Christianity well when we speak in worrisome tones about what is going on presently in the United States.  What we should be saying is that the King of kings has made yet another move that serves His purposes and advances the coming of His kingdom.  The church that was born in the fire will also go out in the fire.  It must get really bad before Jesus comes.  We could be that generation that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:34 that will see the Fig Tree (a type of Israel) blossom and also live to see the church raptured.

    Until then, Jesus predicted false Christs (Matt. 24:5), wars and rumours of wars (24:6a), famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places (24:7b).  He said, “all these things must come to pass (24:6b).”  A liberal agenda in Washington that takes freedom from the church and places the nation in a state of division and anarchy are just what Jesus predicted.  Remember, He is the King of the presidents too.


    On Thursday, December 31, 2020, Mabel Ward said:

    Thank you for being able to hear your word thru the Churches web site. We know that GOD is in charge and we have to keep the faith and trust GOD.


    On Wednesday, December 30, 2020, Aimee said:

    So Thankful for this promise and reminder that God is in control!


    On Wednesday, December 30, 2020, Roxanne said:

    Amen! It's gets me excited to see these things happening as I know it is closer to going home! Makes me more diligent in my prayers for my lost loved ones.


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